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One thing I have been thinking about a lot lately is how do you create an environment that is open to communications…

I think that it is increasingly difficult to create open, honest communications platforms because we have developed a knee jerk tendency to overreact to every misstep or statement…leaving out all manner of context. 

So how do you think we create a positive communication environment?

When you are thinking about communicating in different ways…are you thinking about how communications effectiveness can be lost depending on the media?

Think about that and see how that changes the way that you use certain media.

One definition that is often given for integrity is that you do things the right way even when no one is looking. 

But I don’t think that goes far enough.

The question to consider is actually, how do you still do the right thing, not only when no one is looking, but also when you are under tremendous pressure to do something you don’t think is correct?

Change isn’t easy. In fact, if it were we probably wouldn’t need books and coaches and consultants that talk about change management. 

That begin said, change is necessary and the way you can make change an easier pill to swallow in life and business is to accept that.

Leadership is a topic that always should be in season…and lately it seems that people are focusing on things like integrity, honesty, and adaptability. 

Here are a few ways that I think maybe don’t get highlighted often enough that can make you a successful leader…

* Admit your mistakes

* Allow Input

* Be present

* Communicate openly

* Don’t shut down opposing views.

* Elicit responses

* Forget your title

* Be grateful for input

These are just a few…what do you think?