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In working with organizations and their leaders, we always need to come up with measurements of success.

Too often when I ask the question, “What will success look like?” I get blank stares or I get answers that are sort of esoteric and not quantifiable. 

These aren’t very helpful.

When you are thinking about measuring your success, think about it from the viewpoint of what would success mean as a quantifiable result…

Do you want more free time? How much free time are you talking about? An afternoon of recaptured time? An hour?

You want your sales to improve? How much? How quickly? In what areas?

Don’t just say that you will know it when you see it…measure it.

To have a high quality network, both personally and professionally, you need to have 3 qualities:

* diversity

* quality

* quantity

Without all 3, you aren’t doing you or your network any favors. 

If you look around the business news, you will see a lot of success and failure. 

And, what becomes apparent if you look closely enough, everything is built around projects.

Which means that we are all project managers now…and that changes the calculus of how you should approach your job and your career.

The old saying goes something like “variety is the spice of life.” 

This saying holds even more true when you are talking about your business and personal relationships. Living in DC, I see how silo’d that many people keep their lives. Working within a certain sector, hanging out with people from that are, and never really expanding from there.

As a challenge, I would challenge you to make a new connection that is from an entirely different field. 

One of the wheels of my expertise is process improvement…and because it is an easy thing to misunderstand, I am going to explain a bit about it here.

Process improvement isn’t about strangling every last imperfection out of a process…oh no, just the opposite, it is about making sure that the essentials are in place so that great work has room to develop.