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When you are thinking about your marketing and communications strategy, think about the strategy from both sides…both the sender and the receiver. 

Its very easy to think about your strategies from only your point of view, but take a second to look at them from the other side and see what changes. 

Change occurs no matter what happens…

I am always reminded of the old Miami Heat commercial when Pat Riley first became coach that said something along the line of “Change: the only thing is life that is certain is change and when it rears its beautiful face, you embrace it.” 

That being said, here are 3 important keys to managing change more effectively:

1. Strong Leadership: your managers and leaders have got to be on top of the change that is occurring and not hiding from it. The thing about change is that it is often a very complicated and traumatic time for people, so leaders have to be out front talking about the changes being made and helping relieve those fears.

2. Communications: The same as with strong leadership, you need to be really open in your communications during the process of change. Because if you aren’t communicating what is happening, the void will be filled by information that you are not going to lik.

3. Strategy Matters: As a leader, you have to have a strong strategy for the change that you are undertaking. And, the strategy is important because you can’t afford to be willy nilly and jump back and forth between different ideas over and over…so you need to take a few minutes to think through a strategy and several contingencies. 

I used to be a huge checklist person. I would make one up each day and I would get so excited to check one off when I completed an activity…and sometimes I would do low priority items for the sense of accomplishment that I got from this action.

Over the last few months, I have begun to throw out the checklist and I have begun taking my schedule over, scheduling time for my writing, recording audio and video programs, and project execution. This has allowed me to develop better tasks and processes and become more effective. 

It also allows me to ensure with greater likelihood that I will be able to complete my high level tasks. 

So I would suggest you consider switching over from a checklist or some other to-do list type thing and begin controlling your calendar by scheduling your activities in a manner that lets you dictate your actions.

I wrote about making sure your marketing materials were focused on the right things and today I want to take a second to talk about value and its place in the world.

While the primary focus of the last post was on your business, as a consultant or person of responsibility within an organization, you should also be thinking in terms of value. 

No matter what the situation or type of organization you are in, value is an integral part of your operation…

So if you are a non-profit, maybe your value is in helping more children get better educations, or cutting down the percentage of kids that are hungry.

If you are the government, your value might be in keeping your people safe or making sure that there isn’t any prolonged downtime during and after severe storms.

Or, if you are in education…your output isn’t the diploma, but the skills needed to compete in the global workforce.

I love reading other people’s marketing material because I am always looking for some new idea or have the hope that I will see something that can help me be more effective.

Too often, I see marketing materials that are focused on the wrong things…like inputs. You know things like: “we do focus groups, surveys, trainings.” And so on.

If your marketing materials are focused on those outcomes, you are failing yourself and your organization. 

Your marketing material should be focused on the results that your clients will obtain by working with you. Something like, “our clients reduced expenses by 25% through improved hiring practices,” or “ABC saw their sales improve 33% through improved customer targeting, focused prospecting, and advanced training.” 

So, take a look at your marketing materials and let me know if you are focused on the right things.