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One of the keys to personal productivity and success is being able to manage your time…

You don’t really need a book or a system or any other high tech option…

I learned a lot about time management from Bill Clinton’s autobiography, but expanded it even further through learning a technique from some very smart thinkers like Alan Weiss and Brian Tracy…

That’s the notecard…

Put the key things you need to get done tomorrow on a notecard tonight and attack them…its that simple.

That way, the next thing you do actually adds value to your life.

Marketing is misunderstood by a lot of people…even marketers.

Marketing isn’t…

Pleas for attention…that’s just advertising and probably poor advertising at that.

Billboards, radio ads, Internet banners, or anything similar…that’s advertising as well and the effectiveness is dependent on your goals.

It isn’t a snazzy video ad that pre rolls on YouTube…again, that’s advertising and like above, it all depends on your audience.

Marketing is everything you and your company do…beginning with the way someone answers the phone or finds out about you, it all counts and it needs to be focused and aggressive towards your target audience.

There are 4 keys to success as a consultant, get out your pens and paper…

1. Listening well

2. Writing with conviction

3. Reading for comprehension

4. Speaking with authority and clarity

What would ____ do?

That’s the question you see or hear a lot when people are faced with a new or tough decision.

Its the wrong question because you should only be thinking about what you are going to do…though it is fine to model someone’s actions if it will get you to make a decision one way or the other.

Bigger and better are in the news a lot this week because the new iPhone has people commenting on the things they like or dislike about a larger iPhone.

For your business, this is a good way of thinking about your marketing…

How do you do something that is bigger? New clients? Bigger projects?

Or, can you make yourself bigger and better by delivering more value?