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While I have been involved in my fair share of cold calling over the years, I have had little to no success in that kind of sales…

What I have been able to do effectively, and what I would tell you to try with your own sales efforts is to focus on the relationships aspect of your business and your sales process. 

In the end, if you are selling a service, your relationship is going to have a harder time getting off the ground if its not build on trust and respect…

So don’t hang up the phone yet, but definitely work to get to the point where you don’t have to try and find success by cold call.

One of the challenges I face when working with clients in businesses and organizations, both big and small is the idea that the things that they did that made them successful are the same activities that will maintain that success. 

While I am fond of the saying, “there is nothing new under the sun,” I find that most of these organizations are suffering because they aren’t undergoing the process of “constant renovation” of their businesses that will sustain their growth. 

As a leader, you need to focus on always finding ways that you can inject change and new thinking into your organizations or you are going to find yourself suffering.

One thing I hate to see is that people feel like they have to charge by the hour for their services…and its pretty simple, it isn’t ethical for the business owner and its a poor deal for the client.

Here’s why…

If you are a consultant that is being brought in for a specific problem, you should be trying to solve that problem as quickly as possible. If you are charging by the hour, you don’t have an incentive to do that…in fact, you have the opposite incentive.

Sometimes success comes when you aren’t looking…

How do you handle that? 

Do you let the success carry you away? 


Do you take control of the success and make it conform to you? 

We all have influences and people we have been inspired by…

I could write a long list of things about the famous people that have inspired me, but that would be redundant…a lot of us do that everyday.

Instead, today I am going to think about ways to acknowledge the people that have been there, but that don’t have platforms to point you to. Still important, but just in a different way…maybe more important, really.