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I’ve written a little bit here about setting your goals.  I think that they are important and whenever I find something useful or relevant, I’ll try to share that with you, but today I want to write about 3 simple things that you need for your business:

1.  Direction

2.  Vision

3.  Implementation

Direction:  I’ve been a part of start ups and started a few small businesses myself and I’ve found that a lot of times you end up changing what you are doing or where you are heading midstream, but no matter where you start you need a direction.  You can always change course once you are moving. You don’t go anywhere without some kind of direction, so when you are looking to start, grow, expand, or straighten out your business, set yourself a direction that you want to go. 

Vision:  Along with direction you need vision.  Its easy to say that the two kind of go together and you’d be right and wrong.  For my purposes, I am going to say your vision is your dream of where you are going to end up.  You have a direction and its just as important to have an idea of what you are going to see when you get to the end of your journey. 

Implementation:  Let’s be honest, we have all been there we have a great idea or a great business plan but we don’t have do anything with it.  That’s where implementation comes in.  You have to be able to put your ideas and plans to work or they are worthless. 

That’s it.  3 things that will help you tremendously.  To me, these are the pillars and everything else is details. 

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